May 27, 2017

UNIMAX 500 External

There's no clowning around when it comes to fish health.

UNIMAX 500 External UNIMAX 500 External

Tetratec EX600 External

The TetraTec EX600 - Cleaner water means healthier fish. A great filter requiring minimal maintenance

Tetratec EX600 External Tetratec EX600 External

Fluval FX5 External

Gone are the days of the Goldfish in a bowl. Today its marine aquariums full of filtration and skimmers creating natural environments.

Fluval FX5 External Fluval FX5 External

Fluval G6 External

The Hagen Fuval G6 External Aquarium Filter - One Day All Filters Will Be Like This...

Fluval G6 External Fluval G6 External

Featured Reviews & Guides

Two Yellow Fish in Aquarium

Setting Up New Aquarium.

How to set up your new aquarium using external filtration. What sort of tank will I need? The very first thing you need to consider is the size and shape of your tank. The bigger the tank, the better off you (and your new fish) will be. While a goldfish can survive in a bowl, maintaining an aquarium (either a fresh- water or salt-water system), and its inhabitants, requires something much larger. A 10gal/38litre tank is the smallest you should purchase for a healthy, thriving fresh-water habitat … [More...]

Aquael Unimax 500 External Filter

Choosing the Right External Filter.

Choosing the Right External Aquarium Filter With all of the different aquarium filters available, choosing the right one can become challenging. However, by learning about the advantages of external aquarium filters, you will know how to keep your aquarium's water in excellent condition. Here is a guide to help you understand what external canister filters are and the advantages they can offer you. What Is An External Canister Filter This filter uses a canister that is typically constructed … [More...]

Fluval G6 External Aquarium Filter

Advantages of External Filters

The Advantages and Benefits of External Aquarium Filters. External aquarium filters are known under a variety of names like hang-on filters, bio-wheel filters or power filters. But no matter what they are called, they all work to filter the water outside of the tank. These are the best types of aquarium filters for anyone new to the fish keeping hobby or anyone with freshwater fish, including goldfish. Even experienced aquarist will appreciate the many advantages of external aquarium filters. Easy … [More...]

Clowning Around

Best Filter Type and Why.

What is the Best Type of Aquarium Filter and Why. Inside box filter Box filters are clear, plastic boxes that fit into the corner of your aquarium. They are filled with filter floss and activated carbon, which clean the water before forcing it back out. These filters are simply too small and inefficient to be beneficial in a saltwater aquarium or larger fresh-water aquariums. Undergravel filter The ‘filter’ is really not a filter in itself at all. Essentially, this is a plastic plate … [More...]