May 26, 2017

Cyclone CY 20 External

ReSun Cyclone CY20 External FilterThe ReSun Cyclone Cy 20 external filter is designed for small aquariums or terrariums. The all-in-one system design requires little effort to assemble and maintain. The system is equipped with the canister, media, tubing, pipework, connectors, clog free intake nozzle, spray bar output system and instruction manual. The sponge provides mechanical cleansing by removing large particles, the activated carbon package removes harmful chemicals and the ceramic bio rings provide the perfect environment for beneficial organisms that remove ammonia, nitrates and nitrites.

The system is compact, but powerful, in addition to being versatile in terms of placement options. The canister is small enough to hang on the side of the tank by means of a special bracket (included) or positioned along the side of the tank. The Cyclone 20 is constructed to run efficiently and quietly. Perform maintenance easily as the lid quickly removes to reveal all of the interior components. Position the input nozzle and spray bar output apparatuses in opposite positions to create a continuous current for optimal water circulation and enhanced filtration.

The ReSun Cyclone Cy 20 filter is suitable for aquariums or terrariums up to 60L in volume and contains many features.

  • Adjustable air and water flow rate valves
  • Appropriate for environments containing amphibians, fish or reptiles
  • Biological, chemical and mechanical media included
  • Energy efficient-requires very little electricity to operate
  • Safe for use in fresh or salt water environments
  • Shut-off valves to prevent water leakage during function or maintenance
  • 1 year money back guarantee

ReSun Model: Cyclone 20   Flow rate: 200 LPH   Water Volume: 0.8L   Hose size: input-15mm, output-12mm
Height max: 0.5m   Voltage: 220-240v   Power: 3w   Dimensions: 150mm x 132mm x 175mm

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