May 26, 2017

Hang on Filter HF 2001

ReSun Hang on Filter HF 2001An Asian company manufactures the ReSun HF 2001 hanging filter and the product is particularly popular in Asia and Australia. The internal hanging filter is reported to outperform comparable models (including the Penguin 125, the Whisper 2 and the Aqua Clear 150) though it retails for a lesser cost. A clog free strainer allows water and large particles to enter the system for chemical and mechanical filtering through the media cartridge. Particulate and nitrogenous wastes are effectively removed. Additional media can be inserted to obtain biological filtration.

Filtered water returns to the tank via a large opening at the top of the filter. The volume of water flowing out of the HF 2001, disrupts the surface tension of the tank, forcing oxygen into the water and removing carbon dioxide.

Accomplish maintenance easily by rinsing the cartridge in tap water every 1 to 2 weeks and replacing the cartridge every 6 to 8 weeks. After rinsing the media, remove the filtration system from the back of the tank and eliminate the dirty water and contaminants. Re-hang the filter and insert the media. Add clean tank water to the inside of the filter.

The HF 2001 is designed for tanks up to 60 L in volume and is equipped with various features.

  • Adjustable flow rate
  • All inclusive system with built-in power heads for enhanced water circulation
  • Ceramic impellor provides quiet and durable operation
  • Easy set-up and maintenance
  • Safe for use in fresh and salt water tanks

ReSun Model: HF 2001   Flow rate: 340 LPH   Water volume: N/A   Hose size: No hoses   Height max: N/A
Voltage: 220-240v   Power: 4.5w   Dimensions: N/A

This Product is Currently Unavailable.

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