May 26, 2017

Aqua Pro 3 SP

SuperFish Aqua Pro 3SP External Aquarium FilterThe Superfish Aqua Pro 3 SP is a cost effective external filtration system designed for effective cleaning with little upkeep. Fill the independently stacked, large media baskets with choice of media (sold separately) to create biological, chemical and mechanical filtration for fresh or salt water environments. The individualized trays allow for easy access when maintenance is required. As the unit makes use of the entire surface area of the internal canister, water is more effectively and frequently filtered.

Benefits of the Aqua Pro 3 SP include the ability to regulate water flow in and out of the tank by creating a constant current, which enhances filtration efforts and introduces vital oxygen to ensure a healthier tank.

The system is fully equipped with canister, media baskets, pipework, tubing, connectors and instruction manual for quick and easy set-up. The unit is designed to run silently and can be conveniently tucked away under a tank cabinet. Monthly maintenance requirements are minimal, which involves the rinsing of individual media. Special features allow the canister to become easily portable without having to completely disassemble the system.

The Superfish Aqua Pro 3 is suitable for use in fish tanks up to 500L in volume and has various features.

  • Adjustable intake/output taps for ease of placement and optimal performance
  • Choice of media and set-up for any type of filtration need
  • Locking lid clamps to prevent leakage during operation but provide easy access to the internal canister
  • Self-priming system
  • Shut off taps for easy lid removal

Superfish Model: Aqua Pro 3 SP   Flow rate: 1000 LPH    Water volume: 6.5L   Hose size: N/A   Height max: N/A   Voltage: 220-240v   Power: 30w   Dimensions: 450mm x 230mm x 230mm

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